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Simple Data System
white label content management for your relational database

Both better and cheaper than you'll provide for yourself. That's a hella claim!

photo by James Wheeler

Across 10 years' experience providing software delivery services to a broad range of clients and industries, Sodium Skies identified a common pitfall: software services that are well designed for the end user, well built on top of a relational database, but with poor internal-facing tooling for managing database content. Simple Data System provides the solution. Informed by an understanding of the needs of data management teams, it brings a true focus on usability for non-technical users and flexibility for your developers.

Managing your relational database content should just be this easy!

Simple Data System enables you and your team to browse, find, edit and create new content in the relational database. The simple controls make it easy, straightforward and intuitive.

You can review your team-members' edits before they're pushed to the database. Or if you prefer, your team-members can publish their own edits without review. All users can see the history of all data edits, meaning that you can track data history, and 'silly' editing is discouraged.

You can securely add or remove team members without having to call tech support or the development team.

Simple Data System enables you to rapidly deliver a high quality database content management solution that your users will appreciate.

With extremely rapid configuration for your database schema (minutes per table, not hours or days), it de-risks your delivery and enables you to focus time and budget on high value differentiating features instead of hygiene factors. Because it is a separate architectural layer from your DB, there is no risk of supplier lock-in.

Beyond initial delivery, it reduces your maintenance costs, converting it to predictable and low op-ex.

Simple Data System lets you reduce your bid for new projects and clients by almost entirely eliminating the need to build a CMS.

And you get the same benefits as any other software delivery team: delivering your client a slick content management solution, de-risking your delivery and the ability to focus on the value differentiating features that the client really wants.

Bringing a new software product to launch isn't cheap. £2 million is not uncommon. How much of their time will your developers spend on the tooling? 10% or 20%? That's potentially £40000 to launch. How much more will it cost monthly in maintenance? What's the lifetime cost?

Bet we can beat that!

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